Sam Peat

I have worked with leading independent schools around the world for nearly 10 years, in more than 40 countries.

My images often form the basis of a school’s campaign & are regularly published in Tatler, The Good Schools Guide, and Independent Schools Magazine.

My approach is grounded in traditional storytelling, this stands out because it captures real moments. My approach is highly professional & collaborative.

If your School is a unique community with a story to tell... I want to help you tell it.

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I'm a freelance commercial photographer, based in South London, UK. I now mostly work with Schools, but I do occasionally work with other clients and agencies too.

In 2014 I graduated from Newport University with a BA in Documentary Photography. My final major project shot in an A&E Department, “Nothing Like It”, was published by The British Journal of Photography, The BBC, The Guardian, and the German publication Der Spiegel, and Wired Magazine.

After University I began work as a freelance events photographer. I have worked for a range of high-end clients, which included Bloomberg, Sony Pictures UK, Disney, Microsoft, HSBC, Santander, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Gartner, The Tate Modern, The Design Museum, and The National Portrait Gallery.

My way of working remains unobtrusive and candid, with a style grounded in traditional documentary photography. I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively with my work so far, having worked in over 40 different countries in the last few years.

More recently, I have begun to move my personal photography focus back to portraiture and storytelling.

I'd love to hear from you if there's anything you'd like to know about my work, or if you're interested in making some work together.

My non-school work can be found here:

Good things...

I travel frequently for work and use lots of power on data storage and equipment. All the CO2 & other emissions are double offset with the help of Carbon Neutral Britain. In addition as of 2023... 1% of each shoot's fee goes to the NSPCC to help support their work in the UK.