Partnered Creative Services

For special projects that require Art Direction and the touch of a Creative Agency, I exclusively work alongside the leading School Website & Content strategy brand, Interactive Schools.

 We have worked in close partnership for eight years to deliver industry-leading Directed & Creative content to over 250 of the world’s best Independent-Schools.

Interactive Schools will help develop the idea and strategy of a creative concept, along with planning, art direction & post-production. They make a significant difference to any project by elevating it from ordinary to exceptional.


If it's right for our project, I will make the appropriate introduction to the right team members at Interactive Schools. If you want to check out some of the inspiring work we have done and the great websites they have made, visit them by clicking their logo,

Some Behind The Scenes...

Check out what a shoot looks like from start to finish. We would usually shoot between 4 - 6 images in a day depending on the concept.