If you have a new Head or member of staff where you need a set of specific images, this is what to think about when planning.

  • Key locations. Where are the best places for the shots to happen? At the front of the building, in a green space? Is there somewhere iconic that the institution is proud of?

  • It is best to do a few different locations outside. Soft natural light is the most flattering, so a cloudy day or anywhere in shade is great. I can help with this more specifically during the day.

  • Interaction shots are great, if we can borrow a few students for some of the shots that would be ideal. It’s best to have a few different options for each location also. So when it comes to using the images we will not always see the same faces.

  • If possible, a few different outfits or ties are great to help mix up the options that you will have available at the end of the day.